Friday, 22 August 2014

Font style and sizes of business cards

As a company, we’ve worked with thousands of styles; and that we will say that there's no final rule out making your card designs. However, here area unit font vogue tips that our style team thinks work well with these tiny prints:

 Opt for easy-to-read fonts. It’s smart to start out operating with Sans-serif and seriph fonts as text designs (Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica). Sans-serif fonts area unit usually used for person’s name and/or company name; seriph designs area unit used for contact details. you'll be able to conjointly use them interchangeably, whichever works for your card style. If you've got alternative promoting tools, it’s ideal to use an equivalent designs across all of your materials.

        Use solely up to 2 font sorts. Emphasize your name or the cardboard holder’s name by employing a totally different font vogue. However, limit your text designs up to solely 2 fonts to create your style uniform and neat.

        Use power fonts. this is often elective, however you'll use power fonts to create your name stand out. Here area unit some power fonts that you simply will begin operating with:

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